WHAT IS ImuRegen®?

Imu stands for immunity. Regen stands for regeneration.

A complex dietary supplement that provides:

• Complex Dietary Nucleotides   • Peptides   • Oligopeptides   • Amino Acids   • Minerals

The body needs all of these to keep the cells alive and healthy. Nucleotides are required to repair defective cells. Nucleotides support the body’s natural DNA repair mechanism. They help the body’s cells to build, repair, and regenerate. Nucleotides play an important role in maintaining optimal health.*


Supports the healthy synthesis of the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, which are critical for healthy energy production*

Supports DNA synthesis and repair*.

Contains Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA*.

Maximizes DNA rejuvenation*.

Supports DNA repair in damaged cells*.

Helps maintain healthy telomeres, the "end caps" of DNA that protects the cell from aging*.

Boosts Immune System*.

WHAT IS Glucan?

ImuRegen Beta Glucan+

Earth's First Immunomodulator

Oyster mushrooms, or Pleurotus species, are a group of gilled mushrooms. While mushrooms are classified as fungi, which are technically different from plants, they are a great addition to any meat-free diet.

They’re known for their impressive health-promoting properties and contain a variety of powerful compounds. They’ve been used in traditional medicine approaches for centuries.

Our Imuregen Beta Glucan 1,3 / 1,6 is the only Beta Glucan that has ImuRegen.

Helps support immune system function*.

Supports healthy tissue generation and regeneration*.

Supports DNA repair in damaged cells*.

Helps your body's natural healing process*.

Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already in normal limits*.

Shows to have positive effect on health and longevity*.

Helps maintain intestinal flora and bowel flora*.

Helps generate ATP for energy*.

Supports brain health*.

Supports healthy RNA and DNA*.

What is FHP Fulvic Minerals

A revolutionary products that contains highly absorbable

electrically charged ionic minerals

Sourced from an ancient black plant powder untainted by man for 10,000 years, and not yet fossilized which is found from the volcanic ashes of Southern Utah.

These minerals have electromagnetic properties that allow them to attract vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, water, and oxygen.

It supplies the complete spectrum of essential and trace minerals plus electrolytes to help your body work better.

Trace minerals and electrolytes are important for proper hydration, absorption of nutrients, energy, detoxification of toxins and heavy metals plus better skin hydration.

Fulvic Minerals play an important role in promoting immunity, digestion, cardiovascular health, liver health, helping cells to produce energy, helping reduce appetite and initiate weight loss plus helping the skin to maintain youth, smooth and hydrated.

Although fruits and minerals are good sources of these minerals, the poor soil condition we now have due to soil pollution and over-farming, this food now lacks the minerals and nutrition it used to have

Thus, it is important to add 10 drops of Fulvic Minerals into your daily diet.

Our Fulvic Minerals contains 73 trace minerals and 16 amino acids and electrolytes.

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